Tinkamusic is an engaging, creative learning experience prototype designed for a technology startup Tinkamo.
My team worked on Tinkamo’s wireless programmable building blocks kit and designed a digital music learning experience for elementary school and middle school kids. We introduced Lego blocks into the project and built a Tinkamo remote control car that can sense the colors of blocks and distances from them and transform these data into a melody. Kids are able to compose their own song with the blocks as well as develop a deeper understand
As a sound programmer, my job was data-to-sound transformation through Max/MSP. I also participated in ideation and design process.

Platform: Tinkamo Kit, Max/MSP, Lego blocks
Duration: 3 weeks
My Role: Programmer
Team members: Calvin Chen (UI designer), Cindy Jia (programmer), Margaret Sohn (UX designer), Wenlan Shi (fabricator), Cathy Xu (fabricator)